“Stash overflow”

Still on the hunt for a better name for this blog, and this idea just hit me out of the blue… I thought, how very witty, it kind of echoes “stack overflow”. (Yes, you guessed right, I used to be a programmer in a previous life.)

But of course that blog name is already quadruply taken… 🙂 Och well, may it be put to good use then! I’ll come up with something else. I’m not one for an overflowing stash anyway.


burda first impressions

Okay, so back in March I was stuck at Budapest Airport for five hours with nothing to do. Literally nothing, as I forgot my Kindle at my parents’ place. So what do you do to pass time… I read all the sewing blogs, caught up with sewing YouTube and (in my final desperation) I sifted through all of the magazine racks too.

This is how I came across the unexpected and lucky find of four issues of Hungarian burda, all for a smidge under ₤10.

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